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Pectoral Implants

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Chest Implants? No, we're not talking breasts here and we're not talking cup size either. In fact, we're not talking about anything feminine at all. We're talking about beefing up the look of your chest - your pecs - creating a masculine, muscular and flat out strong look.

You've probably tried beefing up this area for a long time through working out. The truth is that for some men it doesn't matter how much iron they pump or how much time they spend at the gym: their pectoral muscles aren't going to get any bigger. The good news is that Chest Implants can provide the girth that weight training can't. It's a safe procedure that can have you back to work in a few days and back in the gym in a month and a half. But best of all, it can give you a look you've always wanted and the self-confidence to go along with it.

About Chest Implants

Chest implants - as opposed to breast enlargement - are made out of a soft-solid silicone implant material that cannot burst or leak. The implant itself is attached between the pectoral muscle layers and results are immediately seen. While Chest Implants will give you immediate size they won't give you a "ripped" muscle definition - for that you will still have to hit the gym. But for guys who are looking for some help in getting bigger, Chest Implants can be the perfect solution.

About the Procedure

It all starts with a consultation with Dr. Volshteyn. During the consultation you can discuss your goals and expectations, as well as ask any questions you may have. He can examine your current musculature and stature and you can talk about the size increase that you are looking for.

There are many sizes of implants, so you are sure to get a shape that will fit your needs. The surgery is done under a general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. You won't need to spend the night in the hospital, but you will need to take it easy for several days.

Incisions are made in the armpits, a very inconspicuous location. The inserts are placed between the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor - these are the two muscles that make up the chest area - and the results are permanent and immediate.

Risks and Complications

All surgeries come with some risks and complications. However, by following post-op instructions you can decrease your chances of experiencing any complications. Some risks include excessive bleeding, bruising, swelling, and in very rare circumstances, implant slippage. Your physician will discuss risks with you in detail during your consultation.

A Time to Heal

The healing process isn't very prolonged with Chest Implants. You should plan on taking it very easy and not lifting your arms for several days after the surgery. You will need to wear a compression garment that will help reduce swelling and will promote healing. You can get a prescription for pain medication if needed. You'll be able to return to work and light activity in about a weeks time, but will need to continue to wear your compression garment for about six weeks. By then you should be able to return to the gym and your workouts, but this can be extended on an individual basis.