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Dr. Boris Volshteyn and his professional staff at Sierra Plastic Surgery are happy to announce the arrival of VASER liposelection equipment to our South Reno office.


This is the only ultrasonic device in Northern Nevada allowing to melt unwanted areas of exersice resistant fat by a method of emulsification.


vaser liposelection reno



VASER Liposelection is not just a different kind of liposuction, it is a completely different procedure.


This method allows emulsification of fat inside of the body with minimal damage to surrounding collateral connective tissue was less bruising, less swelling, less discomfort, faster recovery and no need for high-pressure liposuction equipment. Once the fat has been emulsified, it is gently removed using micro-cannulas allowing the tissues to deflate and gently adhear to each other.  And conscious to older ultrasonic equipment, it does not rely on the effect of cavitation, allowing more uniform melting of the fatty tissues.


Liposelection by VASER is performed in the fashion somewhat similar to traditional tumescent liposuction. The areas of treatment are infiltrated with medicated warm saline solution and once the medications have been given the opportunity to work, and then ultrasonic probe is inserted through small incision allowing to disrupt the fatty cells and create the effect of emulsification. After that and micro-cannula is inserted through the same incision and a milky-looking liquid of melted fat is gently aspirated using very low pressure.  The connective and surrounding tissues slowly deflate, allowing more even result, less possibility lumpiness and bumpiness very common after traditional liposuction.


VASER Liposelection can also be used to smooth out irregularities from previous traditional or tumescent liposuction procedures.


The ideal patient for VASER liposelection person with realistic expectations, within 30 pounds of ideal body weight or with BMI, body mass index, of less often 30.


VASER liposelection, just like traditional tumescent liposuction, can do performed in the same areas, including face, neck, breasts, arms, back folds, love handles, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, pubis, outer thighs, inner thighs, knees, ankles, genital areas and others. It is more effective in traditional liposuction in removing fatty tissues from the areas was dense connective tissues, especially back, flanks, breasts, and specifically male chest, also known as gynecomastia. 


It is also very effective in delicate areas, like in arms, knees, inner thighs in removing excessive fatty tissues and maintaining the other structures virtually intact.


VASER Liposelection can be performed at outpatient facilities or at the hospital. Most of the time we perform this procedure at our accredited outpatient surgical facility.  This procedure can also performed under local, twilight, sedation, spinal, or monitored anesthesia, however, most of the time, general anesthesia is not required. Majority of our patients have the procedure done under light sedation, some of them did not even require IV.


To schedule a complementary consultation and learn more about VASER face and body contouring options please call us at 775-284-0911.