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Hand Fat Injections

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Feeling frustrated because the state of your hands gives your age away? Or do your hands make you look older than you actually are? Hand Rejuvenation treatments can help to bring a more youthful appearance to your hands.

The skin on the back of the hands becomes thinner as you age. Veins and bones will become more and more noticeable, making your hands - and subsequently, you - look older.

While some resurfacing techniques can help your skin's surface appearance (minimizing dark spots or broken capillaries), micro-fat grafting can plump up your thinning skin, giving your hands a more youthful, vibrant form.

Micro-fat grafting consists of using very fine tools to take fat from one part of your body, so that the fat cells are not harmed. This is then treated to create "pure" cells that can be carefully injected into your hands. Great care is taken to ensure that the cells are unharmed so that they can immediately begin being integrated into the hand tissue, receiving blood supply as fast as possible.

The procedure takes about two hours and is normally conducted using local anesthesia. You can shower the next day. Any discomfort typically only lasts a day or two. Swelling, if any, peaks on the third day and then rapidly decreases.

Complications and Risks

There are risks with any surgical procedure including infection, hematoma, swelling and bruising. Not all micro-fat grafts "take"; sometimes the fat is absorbed by surrounding tissues and the hands revert to their initial appearance.

But when your body does keep the micro-grafted fat ,the results are remarkable and will last for years. Your hands will no longer be riddled with the bumps and color of visible veins and bones. You will get an added boost from knowing that your hands don't make you look older than you are - in fact, they might even make you look younger.