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So many people have unwanted fat that "diet and exercise" is now a major industry and fantasizing about waking up thin is a national past time. Who hasn't dreamed of just taking a pill or having a shot that would transform their bodies into lean, supple, healthy silhouettes? Or what about getting rid of unwanted cellulite? What if there was something you could take to just get rid of it? While that dream might seem outrageous, the fact is that there is a treatment available now that will do just that.

About Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a procedure that has been available in Europe since the 1950's and finally landed in the United States a few years ago. Mesotherapy is a solution of drugs, vitamins, and supplements. It is injected into the middle layer of the skin - meso means middle - and reacts with the cells to prevent the retention of fat cells and cause them to burn the fat cells that are currently present. The treatment not only makes you thinner, but it stops cellulite right in its tracks. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise is always important and we fully recommend that you continue to eat healthy and stay active, Mesotherapy can help you burn unwanted fat and smooth away unsightly cellulite responded to normal measures.

About the Procedure

Mesotherapy consists of a series of injections of a specially formulated solution. The solution is created specifically to encourage cells to not retain new fat cells and to burn existing fat cells. Injections are placed in the mesodermal - the middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy usually takes place in the comfort and quiet of Dr. Volshteyn's office and is completed in less than an hour. The complete treatment consists of ten visits - about one per week.


Mesotherapy results are impressive. Patients begin to lose inches and previously visible cellulite begins to diminish. Healthy diets and regular exercise are still important - especially for your overall health. Mesotherapy will assist your healthy lifestyle to create a thinner physique while getting rid of lumps and bumps associated with cellulite. In addition, even better results can be achieved by combining Mesotherapy with Endermologie.

Risks and Complications

Mesotherapy has very few associated risks or complications. While skin infection or a change of pigmentation can occur, these happen very rarely. Some patients may bruise from the injections but that will go away in a matter of days. Some patients can have an allergic reaction to the Mesotherapy solution. Please tell Dr. Volshteyn about any allergies you have.