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Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive Surgery spans a wide variety of needs. From earlobes that have torn from earrings that were pulled to full breast reconstruction due to breast cancer and mastectomies, we offer a full range of Reconstructive Surgeries to help you get whole again.

For many, Reconstructive Surgery is an important, fundamental part of recovery. Reconstructive Surgery can help a person get back to their normal life and feel like themselves again. Reconstructive Surgery can also help to minimize psychological or even physical trauma that might be experienced.

In addition, if you are having surgery to remove lesions or cancerous growths, you can schedule your Reconstructive Surgery to follow immediately, allowing you to do both surgeries on the same day. Dr. Volshteyn can work with your surgeon to become a part of the medical team and help to plan how the surgeries will transition.

Reconstructive Surgery is not only for people fighting or recovering from illness. Reconstructive Surgery can also repair poorly shaped or deformed scar as well as torn earlobes and remove unwanted skin growths, lumps and bumps.

We understand that for many people Reconstructive Surgery can come at a vulnerable time and we are sensitive to your needs. We understand how important it is to help you get back to your normal life.