Bone Fractures of the Hand in New Jersey

Every year, millions of people experience broken bones in their hands. We are dependent on our hands. Even the smallest loss of function can result in a life time of difficulties. Broken hands require a doctor’s visit and possibly months of rehabilitation.

What are the different types of hand fractures?

  • Stable fracture; the bones are aligned
  • Unstable fracture; the bone fragments have shifted
  • Comminuted fracture; the bone is shattered into many pieces
  • Open fracture; a bone fragment breaks the skin, possibly leading to infection

How are bone fractures of the hand treated?

A medical evaluation and x-ray are necessary to confirm the diagnosis of the fracture and determine treatment. A splint or cast may be used to treat stable fractures. Unstable fractures will need to be set in place and stabilized with wires or pins.

What can I expect after a bone fracture of the hand has been treated?

Sometimes a bony lump may appear in place of the broken bone while in recovery. This is called a fracture callus, this is normal and the lump will gradually decrease in size over time. You may experience stiffness, shifting of the bones, slow healing and possibly infection.

It is important that when you are in recovery, do not smoke, and follow all instructions provided by your doctor.

If you have or think you may have experienced a bone fracture in your hand, and you would like Dr. Volshteyn, our board certified plastic surgeon to examine and treat you, please contact our office.