Can I Get My Surgery Done During the Pandemic?

The state of New Jersey is amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Governor Murphy has implemented several public health orders to slow the spread of the disease.

How the Public Health Orders in New Jersey Apply to Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Many businesses are deemed non – essential and required to close or make arrangements for employees to work from home to the degree possible. The Governor has also required that non – essential surgeries be delayed until the crisis in the state subsides, including cosmetic surgeries that are deemed elective and non-essential at this time. Once the Governor eases the restrictions through modifications to the public health orders, cosmetic procedures will open up for patients.

Planning Ahead for Your Cosmetic Surgery

While you cannot have your cosmetic surgery right now, you may be able to very soon. The pandemic in the country and state evolves each day. Once we start to see the cases subside, the Governor will consider how to re – open the economy and provide access to non-essential services. At that time, we can schedule your surgery. You will need to follow the best practices that are outlined by the CDC and Governor for social distancing because the virus will be a concern until we have an effective vaccine.

Some of Our Services are Considered Essential

Under the public health orders of the Governor, essential medical care is allowed at this time. This includes our reconstructive surgeries. If you have a medical emergency or require a small procedure, including lacerations, Dr. Volshteyn is available to help. By doing so, he not only continues to serve his patients and community, but this also helps to alleviate pressure on the emergency rooms that need to focus on managing COVID-19 patients. You are also safer from coronavirus by coming to our office for these types of medical emergencies because the risk of exposure to coronavirus at emergency rooms is extremely high at this time.

Have Questions? We are Here for You

We are available to offer the support that you need at this time. If you have questions about your cosmetic procedures or have a medical emergency that can be treated by Dr. Volshteyn, contact us.