Finding a Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgeon During the COVID Pandemic

Public health orders for the state of New Jersey do not allow for cosmetic surgeries and procedures to be performed at this time. If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, you can take this opportunity to prepare for your procedure.

Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon in New JerseyA best practice for cosmetic procedures is to find the right surgeon. You should choose a board – certified plastic surgeon with experience and expertise in the procedure that interests you. Board-certification demonstrates the surgeon’s commitment to staying informed of advances in cosmetic procedures and contributing to the overall health, satisfaction, and well – being of patients, as well as the field of plastic surgery.

Write Down Questions

Many of us have left a doctor’s office or consultation only to realize that we forgot to ask questions. Spend some time writing down the questions that you have for your surgeon. You may want to make an initial list and then add to it over the coming days or weeks. The list not only ensures that you garner the information that you need from the surgeon, but may also help guide the surgeon to the best recommendations for your goals.

Carefully Consider the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The effects of COVID-19 expand beyond the heath of our citizens in New Jersey. As you plan out your timeline for a cosmetic procedure, consider the following:

  • Expectations : Your expectations of having a cosmetic procedure very soon may not be realized, and it you may have to wait several months or longer.
  • Expense : The impact on the economy may result in a higher cost for your cosmetic procedure, so you should carefully review your budget.
  • Recovery Time : Recovery from cosmetic surgery may require that you take time off from work, so you should consider if that is feasible or the b est option right now or in the near to distant future.

We are Here to Help

As you move through the process of considering and planning your cosmetic procedures and selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon, we are here to help. Dr. Boris Volshteyn is a cosmetic and reconstructive board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in procedures for the face, body, and breasts. To learn more about him, our practice, and our plans for re – opening for elective cosmetic procedures, contact us today.