Fingertip Amputation in New Jersey

Fingertip amputation can be frightening and painful, but immediate treatment can often restore the fingertip as well as function and form to the finger. Dr. Volshteyne of Atlantic Surgical Associates in West Long Branch, NJ is an on-call trauma plastic surgeon specializing in microsurgery to repair hand injuries like fingertip amputation. We welcome patients in East Brunswick, New Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY to learn more.

What is a fingertip amputation?

A fingertip amputation is the most common injury of the hand. When a finger is amputated, it is removed or partially removed from the hand resulting from a traumatic injury such as slamming your finger in a door or misusing a knife. The severity of the injury dictates the degree of treatment. These injuries can occur in accidents at work, home or play.

Fingertips are a high concentration of nerves making them extremely sensitive. Without immediate attention, a fingertip amputation can cause issues with hand function and possibly lead to disability or deformity.

How is a fingertip amputation treated?

The primary goal of treatment is to achieve a painless fingertip covered with skin and normal function restored. When an injury such as this occurs, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. Treatment of the amputation depends on the extent of injury. The following lists various techniques to repair the finger:

  • Fingertip injury without bone exposure
  • Fingertip injury with exposed bone
  • Fingertip injury with large portion removed from finger

Risk and complications of a fingertip amputation repair

Like any surgery, there is a risk of infection, poor wound healing, hypersensitivity, numbness, stiffness, abnormal nail growth and loss of viability in the amputated part.

When should I seek medical attention for a fingertip amputation injury?

It is imperative to seek medical attention immediately when an injury such as this occurs. Dr. Volshteyn, board certified plastic surgeon, is available for emergencies. Please call 732-402-8191 and our surgeon will meet you at a local emergency room or our in-office surgical suite pending the severity of your injury and conditions of your insurance plan.

Dr. Volshteyn, the board certified plastic surgeon of Atlantic Surgical Associates in West Long Branch, New Jersey, serves as an on-call trauma plastic surgeon for trauma centers and hospitals in the area. He specializes in microsurgery to repair injuries to blood vessels and nerves, including fingertip amputation. Contact us right away for treatment; we welcome patients in surrounding communities in Essex, Ocean, and Monmouth counties.