Lipedema in New Jersey

Are you suffering with the pain and disfigurement of lipedema in West Long Branch, New Jersey? At Atlantic Surgical Associates, we treat lipedema with a revolutionary and effective technique developed by Dr. Volshteyn. We welcome patients from surrounding communities in Monmouth, Essex, and Ocean counties.

What is Lipedema?

Lipedema, also known as painful fat syndrome, is a chronic disease most common in females. The swelling and expansion of fatty tissue occurs mainly in the hip region and upper and lower extremities. Lipedema is extremely rare in males and is often misdiagnosed as Lymphedema, which is similar and can be present at birth or developed later on.

Symptoms of Lipedema

Symptoms vary for patients, but the enlargement of both legs is the primary indicator of Lipedema. The expansion of fat cells grows at the same rate on both sides of the body from the waist to the knees, or a distinct fat ring around the ankles. Accumulation of fat in the upper arms also affects 30-90% of those with lipedema. Other symptoms include hypersensitivity to touch and pain in soft tissue areas even while at rest. This can lead to gout and severe joint pain.

Diagnosis of Lipedema

The best way to diagnose lipedema is manual and visual examination by a trained physician. The healthcare physician will look and feel for abnormal tissue growth, or nodules. As the disease progresses the size and number of nodules does as well.

Treatment of Lipedema

  • Traditionally, surgical removal of the fatty tumor(s) is performed, however the patient is left with scarring and in cases of multiple fatty tumors, multiple scars are accrued.
  • A less invasive option has been liposuction, however it is difficult to remove the entire tumor resulting in future recurrence.
  • Dr. Volshteyn has developed an innovative method of removing the fatty tumor utilizing ultrasonic destruction with minimal incisions. This process turns the tumor into a liquid consistency and then gently suctioned out through the same small incision.

You don’t need to accept the reduced quality of life that comes with lipedema. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Volshteyn at our West Long Branch, New Jersey office to learn more about how we treat lipedema. Atlantic Surgical Associates welcomes patients from East Brunswick, New Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY.