Lipid Fat Disorders in New Jersey

Are you struggling with a fatty tissue disorder like lipomas or injury to fatty tissue and other soft tissue that requires reconstructive surgery? We treat a wide variety of lipid fat disorders and injuries with liposuction, plastic surgery, and other treatment options at our office in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Atlantic Surgical Associates welcomes patients from surrounding areas of Monmouth, Ocean, and Essex counties.

What Are Lipid Fat Disorders?

A lipid fat disorder refers to any type of disorder affecting lipids or fats. This includes autoimmune and familial disorders like Dercum’s disease, and conditions such as lipomas or benign fatty tumors. At Atlantic Surgical Associates, we also treat injuries that affect fat and other tissue, such as breast reconstruction.

What Lipid Fat Disorders Do You Treat?

Atlantic Surgical Associates offers a variety of treatment options for lipid fat disorders and injuries to fatty tissue like breast tissue. Learn more about our surgical treatments for lipid fat disorders below.

  • Dercum’s Disease
    • This rare disorder, which may be an autoimmune or familial disorder, causes several painful growth of fatty tissue called lipomas. Most lipomas develop along the arms, legs, and trunks. We offer skilled surgical removal of lipomas associated with Dercum’s disease.
  • Familial Multiple Lipomatosis
    • FML is a rare disorder in which multiple lipomas develop on the legs, arms, and trunks. The disorder runs in families. Surgical removal or liposuction are the most effective treatments for lipomas.
  • Lipedema
    • This disorder causes enlargement of the legs due to fat deposits that worsen over time and may cause pain. When conservative treatments aren’t enough, specialized liposuction treatment called lymph-sparing liposuction is recommended.
  • Madelung Disease
    • This disorder doesn’t cause pain, but it leaves symmetrical fatty deposits along the arms, legs, neck, and upper body. Liposuction is typically the best treatment option to eliminate fat associated with Madelung disease.
  • Breast Reconstruction
    • Atlantic Surgical Associates offers breast reconstruction surgery to restore the appearance of the breasts following mastectomy or injury. This surgery may involve skin flaps, breast implants, and/or fat grafting.
  • Animal Bites
    • Animal bites that injure soft tissue, including fatty tissue, may be treated with a range of reconstructive surgery techniques including skin flaps, skin grafts, and fat grafting.

Are you interested in treating a lipid fat disorder or soft tissue injury with liposuction or reconstructive plastic surgery? Contact us today for a consultation at our office in West Long Branch, New Jersey, to work with Dr. Volshteyn in creating a tailored treatment plan. Atlantic Surgical Associates welcomes men and women from neighboring communities of East Brunswick, New Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY.