Liposculpsure in New Jersey

For those of you plagued by trouble spots that do not respond to dieting, working out or lifting weights, liposculpture may be the procedure that solves some of your problems.

Liposculpture is a technique that combines liposuction and autologous fat transfer, allowing you to get rid of unwanted fat, while filling in wrinkles, facial lines, some deformities, thin skin on hands, as well as breasts and buttocks. So your abdomen, thighs, back, hips – whatever is out of balance on your body – can become sleeker while your face can look younger or other parts of your body can become rounder or fuller.

What is Liposculpture?

During a consultation with Dr. Volshteyn, you can discuss areas that you would like to be thinner, along with other areas that you think may need the support of extra fat tissue. Dr. Volshteyn will determine if you are a good candidate for liposculpture and the two of you can decide on treatment areas.

Liposculpture removes unwanted fat deposits creating a sleeker shape, which alone can give your body a more balanced and pleasing look. However, the removed can then be injected (after it is processed and purified) into your face, your hands, or other parts of your body.

How Does Liposculpture Work?

Liposculpture combines the liposuction procedure with the micro-fat grafting procedure. Using analogous fat (that is fat from your own body) guarantees that your body won’t reject the grafts based on genetic makeup.

Liposculpture begins with liposuction. Using the tumescent technique and power-assisted liposuction, Dr. Volshteyn can remove unwanted fat from designated areas. This fat is collected and then processed, leaving only pure fat cells for the micro-fat grafting. The purified fat is then injected into predetermined areas, creating a more youthful appearance.

What Can I Expect After Liposculpture?

The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of liposculpturing you require. Liposculpture is typically performed under local or light anesthesia and you are able to go home the same day. You may be required to wear a pressure garment for several days to help support your new shape. While Dr. Volshteyn will provide you post-op instructions, you should be prepared to take it easy for about a week. After about a week you can return to work and resume normal activities. After about six weeks you can resume more strenuous activities.

You should expect some swelling in the areas that received liposculpturing, with swelling peaking on the third day after surgery. After that the swelling should remarkably improve and continue to improve for several weeks to a few months.

What Risks are Involved with Liposculpture?

All surgeries come with some level of risk and complications including infection, bruising, swelling, hematomas, and asymmetries, however these are rare. Taking care of yourself properly and following post-op instructions will help to minimize any potential risks.

What is Power Assisted Liposculpture?

Power liposculpture is a wonderfully effective, safe, and affordable way of removing stubborn deposits of fat from many areas of the body, and reshaping abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, “love handles,” knees, arms, face and neck.

Now there is a more gentle way to permanently remove and redefine unwanted, stubborn body fat areas through an office based procedure, called power liposculpture, which requires no general anesthesia, no hospital, with minimal discomfort and downtime, minimal bruising and swelling.

What are the Benefits of Power Liposculpture?

  • No general anesthesia – Procedure is performed under a local anesthetic
  • Minimal downtime – Return to regular activities within a few days
  • Walk in and walk out the same day
  • No stitches
  • Smaller instruments with no unsightly scars
  • Most patients report that the procedure is virtually pain free
  • Promotes skin tightening

How Does Power Liposculpture Work?

Small vibrating suction tubes are placed into fat deposits via tiny incisions that do not require stitches. A vibrating cannula breaks down the fat cells and removes them from the body. Because of the smaller size, the results are more precise, the procedure is more delicate, and produces less discomfort, less bruising and less swelling than traditional liposuction. Many areas of the body can be treated with truly outstanding results.

It is mostly reserved for the smaller areas of fat deposition, however, it can be utilized virtually anywhere in the body.

You can reshape your body in about one hour…

Power liposculpture is a body sculpting technique that permanently removes small areas of excess fat from stubborn areas. Because it addresses an isolated problem, it can be done in about an hour, making it a perfect weekend procedure.

Quick recovery, Minimal downtime…

Power liposculpture is performed by penetrating sterile fluid into the fat areas to loosen and soften the fat and then removing the superficial fat using small vibrating suction tubes, aka cannulas. By using smaller instruments there is less injury to the body and lower possibility of undesirable effects such as bumpiness, lumpiness or grooving, traditionally associated with older techniques.

The incisions are so small they do not require stitches. The recovery time is amazingly short since the procedure causes less trauma. Most patients can return to work in 1-3 days and can exercise moderately in 3-5 days

This is an affordable procedure….

Dr. Volshteyn performs this tumescent power liposculpture procedure and currently offers very competitive prices with outstanding results. Since the procedure is performed in the office, we are able to control the facility charges and there is no anesthesia fee.

For some, the cards that genetics has dealt them can be very frustrating. It can be very reassuring to learn that real options such as liposculpturing exist. 

To take the next step and have the body you have always dreamed of, call our office today to set up your consultation with Dr. Boris Volshteyn, our board certified plastic surgeon. 732-402-8191