Nerve Compression in New Jersey

Nerve compression or a trapped nerve can be painful and may be the result of an injury. Without treatment, reduced blood flow can cause scarring and long-term symptoms. At Atlantic Surgical Associates, we treat nerve compression with advanced surgical techniques at our West Long Branch, New Jersey office. We welcome patients in surrounding communities in Monmouth, Essex, and Ocean counties.

What is nerve compression?

Nerve compression is caused by direct pressure on the nerve, known as a trapped nerve. This causes tingling, numbness, and/or a burning sensation around the area affected by its corresponding nerve. These signs and symptoms can occur directly after the injury occurs, hours, or even days after. Pain is not a common symptom of nerve compression.

The most common nerve compression syndrome is carpal tunnel syndrome.

External pressure reduces the flow of blood to the nerve, causing ischemia (insufficient blood flow) which eventually leads to scarring.

How is nerve compression diagnosed?

Nerve compression can be diagnosed solely based on the present symptoms. However, nerve conduction studies are helpful to confirm the diagnosis. The nerve study helps calculate the severity and rule out any involvement of other surrounding nerves.

How is nerve compression treated?

There are several circumstances that can cause nerve compression whether it is due to an injury or an underlying medical condition. Neuropathy caused by medical conditions should be treated directly. For example, if weight gain is the direct cause, then a weight loss program would be appropriate. Other neuropathies such as a carpal tunnel would require surgery to release the entrapped nerve. To find out which treatment plan would be best for your nerve compression, an examination and consultation is recommended.

Have you been diagnosed with nerve compression or suspect a trapped nerve? Contact us at Atlantic Surgical Associates to schedule your initial consultation to review appropriate treatment options. We welcome patients in East Brunswick, New Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY to our office in West Long Branch, New Jersey.