Penetrating Trauma of the Extremities in New Jersey

Patients with severe injuries enter the emergency room and trauma centers on a daily basis. Penetrating trauma from guns, knives, and power tools may necessitate surgical treatment. Dr. Volshteyn of Atlantic Surgical Associates in West Long Branch, New Jersey, performs microsurgery to repair trauma of the extremities. We welcome patients in surrounding areas of Monmouth, Essex, and Ocean counties to learn more.

What is a Penetrating Injury?

Penetrating injuries occur to soft tissue, nerve and bones, usually due to assault with a knife or gun. These types of injuries also commonly take place at work, especially for those around power tools. Identifying such injuries is crucial and unnecessary delays typically between six to 12 hours can lead to irreversible limb ischemia (lack of blood flow and circulation to the limb) and possible limb loss.

Dr. Volshteyn, our board certified plastic surgeon, is well versed with such injuries. He is closely affiliated with the Trauma Center at Robert Wood Johnson, as well as serves as an on-call trauma plastic surgeon for several area hospitals and trauma centers. He completed a fellowship in microsurgery, allowing him to work on injuries to nerves and blood vessels.

How Much Does Treatment for a Penetrating Injury Cost?

The cost to treat penetrating trauma of the extremities in West Long Branch depends on the extent of the injury and the most appropriate surgical techniques. Dr. Volshteyn will assess the injury and create an effective treatment plan. You can learn about what you can expect ahead of treatment and options for paying for your care on our financing page.

How Are Penetrating Injuries Treated?

Injuries that damage nerves, bone, and soft tissue are generally treated with a technique called microsurgery, a very intricate type of surgery that’s performed with very small instruments and magnification. Reconstructive microsurgery allows a surgeon to use sutures finer than human hair to repair damaged nerves and blood vessels to restore blood flow.

Microsurgery can not only save but transform lives when helping patients after an emergency. Gunshot wounds, stab wounds, and other penetrating injuries can remove or severely damage bone, soft tissue, and nerves, requiring skin grafts and muscle grafts to cover exposed areas.

It’s crucial for penetrating trauma to be repaired as soon as possible after the injury to avoid irreversible tissue damage.

What is Recovery Like After Surgery for a Penetrating Injury?

Following surgery, blood flow will be carefully monitored. This may be done with ultrasounds and arteriography to monitor vascular condition. Swelling and tenderness are common for the first few weeks after surgery. Healing will continue over a period of weeks and follow-up care may be necessary.

Have you suffered a penetrating injury to an extremity? If you or a loved one is seeking emergency treatment, contact us to find out how Dr. Volshteyn can help. At Atlantic Surgical Associates in West Long Branch, NJ, we serve patients in surrounding areas of New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY.