Reconstructive Surgery in New Jersey

Atlantic Surgical Associates performs reconstructive surgery in West Long Branch, New Jersey, to treat a wide range of issues and restore normal function and appearance to the face and body. Dr. Volshteyn specializes in microsurgery, an innovative surgical technique, and works as an on-call plastic surgeon with many trauma centers and hospitals in the area. Our practice welcomes patients from surrounding areas of Monmouth, Ocean, and Essex counties.

What is Reconstructive Surgery?

While cosmetic plastic surgery focuses on improving the appearance of treatment areas, reconstructive plastic surgery is a specialty that restores a normal appearance and function or corrects deformities caused by trauma, cancer, birth defects, and disease. In some cases, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery overlap, such as breast augmentation to rebuild the breasts after a mastectomy or a rhinoplasty to improve breathing or restore the appearance of the nose after a fracture.

How Much Does Reconstructive Surgery Cost in West Long Branch, NJ?

Reconstructive plastic surgery, unlike cosmetic surgery, is often covered by health insurance, although coverage depends on your plan, surgeon, diagnosis, and surgical technique. During your initial consultation at Atlantic Surgical Associates, Dr. Volshteyn will develop a tailored treatment plan so we can review your cost with you. You can learn more about paying for reconstructive surgery on our plastic surgery financing page.

  • Adult and Pediatric Lacerations
    • You have the right to request that a plastic surgeon repair a laceration, which is covered by most insurance plans, to minimize the appearance of the scar.
  • Skin Cancer
    • Dr. Volshteyn works with cancer patients and their oncologists to perform reconstructive surgery to create the least visible scars possible during your treatment.
  • Surgical Complications
    • Atlantic Surgical Associates offers emergency treatment and treatment for surgical complications after trauma to retreat issues and correct surgical scars.
  • Pediatric Services
    • Atlantic Surgical Associates offers pediatric reconstructive surgery to reduce the appearance of scars using modern surgical techniques. We treat everything from lacerations and dog bites to facial fractures.
  • Hand Surgery
    • We treat trauma of the hand and fingers with the latest microsurgery techniques to restore the hand’s normal function and appearance.
  • Face Surgery
    • Dr. Volshteyn specializes in microsurgery techniques to treat facial fractures and other trauma of the face requiring reconstructive surgery.
  • Body Surgery
    • Dr. Volshteyn specializes in microsurgery and performs a variety of reconstructive body procedures such as hernia repair, open wound repair, and lipoma treatment.
  • Lipid Fat Disorders
    • Atlantic Surgical Associates offers reconstructive surgery to treat a variety of lipid fat disorders like lipomas and trauma to fatty tissue.

Do you need reconstructive surgery to restore function and appearance following trauma, a medical condition, birth defect, or previous surgery? Contact us to schedule your initial consultation at our office in West Long Branch, New Jersey, or to speak with Dr. Volshteyn about emergency treatment. Atlantic Surgical Associates welcomes patients in the neighboring communities of New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Staten Island, NY.